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Custom Video Intros

Having trouble KEEPING your audiences’ ATTENTION on your video? Learn the SECRET to making them STAYwith a Professional, High Quality Custom Video Intro!

INSTANTLY make your videos look ONE-HUNDRED TIMES more professional, without ANY intense work, or complex software!


How many videos have you made now? It’s got to be enough. You’ve achieved a near-perfect standard; you have a powerful opening, you made sure to cover every possible detail in your message, you’ve pulled out all the stops, and not for the first time, either. Every last little detail right down to colors is perfect. And yet, you’re not getting traffic. You’re not getting conversions. You’re not getting sales. In fact, you’re not getting anything. Your competitors are destroying the playing field in a firestorm and you’re being dragged down because of it. As with everything in life, this isn’t easy. But it can’t be this impossible!

Can it?

You start to really dig deep. You research extensively into the issue. You examine what some of your top competitors are doing, maybe you’ll catch something you missed, or ignored before. You watch video after video, each one giving you a slap in the face, reminding you that the very people you’re trying to beat, are the ones that you have to copy to do it. You’ve forced all of your time and energy into looking for that one small detail that can make or break a video. And you still can’t find it. You’re about ready to just give up and throw in the towel. And then you see it. It’s been right in front of you all along. Every single one of your competitors has a flashy custom video intro, and you don’t. That’s got to be it! You’ve discovered the source of the problem, now you just need a solution. A solution, which I am here to specifically provide for you, my friend.


Behold the POWER of a custom video intro, a new way to BRAND yourself and STAND OUT from the crowd!

I’m Brandon, a Graphic Arts Student from, and I’m here to show you the way to acquire the 100% undivided attention of your target audience, swiftly and effectively. Using visuals is key to attracting the attention of your target audience. A vast majority of people are most attentive in any situation when there is a visual aspect of some sort present. That doesn’t mean that anything will do, though. It has to be unique, it has to stand out, and it has to be extremely eye-catching. It’s why things like bright colors and movement attract our eyes more than drab, dreary, stationary text. Have you ever heard of an internet meme? If not, it is essentially an “inside-joke” on the internet. Anyone can be in on it, you just have to understand it. There is one particular meme which I’ll refer to here. It is 5 simple characters: “tl;dr”. Do you know what it means? Too long; Didn’t read. It’s a very simple thing, and not much of a joke at that. However it is true, very true. When people see enormous walls of text, they generally aren’t going to jump from their seats to read it. Some might, but even they will grow quickly tired and just stop reading. The key is to keep their interest so that they will continue to read. This concept can be applied to almost anything in life! If you can grab someones attention and make them listen, you can do almost anything after that! But the problem is, grabbing someones attention like that is NOT easy. That is where I come in. All you have to do is send me your company logo, and select a template from my library and I will send you a fancy, effective custom video intro.

In the few short seconds of displaying a custom video intro – like the ones above, you have done 3 extremely important things:

Grab Custom Video Intros

power Custom Video Intros

trust Custom Video Intros

These three simple things create a chain reaction of great effects, and perks that come with looking like a pro:

  • Professional looking, high quality videos! – You’ll hypnotize your audience and be able to get them buying!
  • An engaged, interested audience that comes back! - No more zombies sifting mindlessly through your videos!
  • Great quality leads! - More of the ones who will actually BUY your product!
  • An audience that already trusts you UPON COMING TO YOUR LANDING PAGE!
  • Higher conversion rates! - Turn the tire-kickers into leads, and the leads into customers!
  • Increased audience size! – Happy customers are chatty customers, they’re going to brag about their success AND YOU’LL BENEFIT FROM IT!
  • Free Advertising! – Word of Mouth is a very powerful form of advertising
  • Positive feedback! - All these happy customers are going to be giving you fantastic testimonials, which will give others incentive to buy!



Now let that sink in..

Without so much as batting an eye, you’ve successfully engaged an audience that is going to listen to you, trust you, and most importantly, to buy from you! Now after all the work of recording, editing, and perfecting the content in your videos, wouldn’t you say that it is very much worth it to invest in this? Your videos will look and feel 100x more professional, make a much bigger impact on your audience, turn the tire-kickers away or into leads, and then your content will turn those leads into buyers. Other business, freelance artists, and/or companies would like to charge you hundreds of dollars for this simple service! I believe that a price like that is far too overboard. This kind of service is not worth an insane price of 500 dollars. Which is why I try to bring it to you at a cost-effective, affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Oh, what do others think? Well how about this:

kevinkrusetestimonial Custom Video Intros

Unfortunately, being a student I do have school. Currently I am free, but it will not stay that way forever. I go back at the beginning of September, and while I will still be able to do this amazing service, however I will not be able to take on as many orders, nor will the prices stay the same. Get yours done fast before the prices go up and my availability goes down! Prices will vary between orders, and that all depends on the service you require. Here is a typical benchmark of what I charge:


Chart 11 Custom Video Intros


Again please keep in mind that this price IS subject to change based on your own order, it may be more it may be less. For full detail and to order, please visit the following pages to make a selection for your intro and music. If you have any questions, would like to order, or for any other reason please e-Mail me and we can get something sorted out! Contact information and links are below!

new graphic Custom Video Intros

newgraphics2 Custom Video Intros